Project 4

P4 – The development of advanced composite materials based on gypsum plasterboard and graphene oxide, with improved fire performance in order to protect life


The project aims to obtain innovative composite materials based on gypsum-board, various concentrations (0.5-5%) of graphene oxide functionalized with hexa-chlorochlorotriphosphazene and high-strength epoxy resins with improved fire-retardant properties. Thus, by the synergistic combination of fire retardant properties of gypsum (due to the molecularly bonded water in its structure), of functionalized graphene oxide and of epoxy resins, the fire protection, which cannot be achieved with conventional flame retardants, is multiplied. The composite materials will be characterized to elucidate their morpho-structural and mechanical features and the reaction to fire will be assessed by ignitability measurements.

Estimated results

– 1 ISI article
– 2 workshops
– a patent application
– attending an international conference
– 2 short movies (achieved together with the partners, produced by BBU)
– information sessions with representatives from Inspectorate of Emergency Situations, Fire departments, etc., but also from the private companies.
– site