Project 5

P5 – Determining the fire performance of graphite oxide composite materials by modelling and numerical simulation under real conditions for the purpose of assessing the protection of life in case of fire


The project aims to determine the thermal characteristics of composite materials based on polystyrene and polyvinyl chloride, layered wood (PAL), gypsum board and various concentrations (0.5-5%) of graphene oxide (GO), without functionalization or functionalized, as those obtained within projects 1-4). Based on the results of the thermal proprieties and the ignitability measurements (obtained in projects 1-4), a numerical modelling and simulation of the GO and functionalised GO effects on fire behaviour of the composite materials will be carried out in natural conditions.

Estimated results

– 1 ISI article + 2 BDI articles (article in a journal listed in international academic databases)
– 2 workshops
– attending an international conference
– 2 short movies (achieved together with the partners, produced by BBU)
– information sessions with representatives from Inspectorate of Emergency Situations, Fire departments, etc., but also from the private companies.
– site