The usage of composite materials with graphene oxide for improving the performance of building and installation elements against fire action in order to ensure the protection of life in case of fire

The choice and the usage of materials in construction building shall take into account requirements concerning resistance, stability and fire safety criteria, as defined in Law no. 10/1995 regarding quality in construction. In this context, the widespread use of polymer, wood or drywall materials in construction or installations should take into account the major drawbacks of high flammability and low fire resistance of these materials.
The project proposes to acquire, characterize and test the fire protection of advanced materials, for construction and installations, with improved performance in fire action (for the purpose of protecting life) and with high economic potential (which can relaunch the profile industries in Romania), namely polystyrene (PS), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), drywall (GC), wooden chipboard (PAL) and (non-) functionalized graphene oxide (GO/FGO) with amines, organic phosphorus oligomers /phosphorus acidic, organic compounds rich in phosphorus and nitrogen (hexachlorocyclotriphosphazene) and hydroxyethyl acrylate, or mixtures of GO/FGO with melamine or epoxy resins. With this approach, the project is part of one of European Union’s main research topics, namely testing/using graphene materials. The project has a new scientific/technical novelty at national and European level by the study of fire action behavior, by modeling and numerical simulation, under natural conditions, of the advanced materials obtained within the project.
The proposed research is based on the collaboration between the research groups from AP-FP, with expertise in the assessment of fire-fighting materials, from UBB, with expertise in obtaining (by a patented method) and morpho-structural characterizing of GO and carbonic composites, and from INCDFM, respectively, with expertise in obtaining and characterizing of the polymers and their composites.
The objective of the project is to obtain, characterize and test the fire protection of advanced materials with improved fire performance (in order to protect life) and with high economic potential (which can contribute to the potentiation of the Romanian profile industry).

The estimated results of the project are:

8 ISI articles

1 patent

5 BDI articles